Property Work Weekends


Take a break from your career and help prepare our Camps for the summer program. At each of our Camps, ten weekends are designated for volunteers to help in setting up and general maintenance activities. Our Boy Scout Camps are Babcock Hovey located in Ovid, NY, and Massawepie, located near Tupper Lake, NY. Our Cub Scout resident Camp is J. Warren Cutler Scout Reservation, located near Naples, NY. Work days are also held at the Burt and Chuck August Scout Service Center in Rochester.  At each camp, projects include setting up tents, building structures and picnic tables, painting, and setting up program areas. An endless list of maintenance projects needs to be completed before the kids arrive. Below is a list of dates and an explanation of what each event entails. All food is provided and lodging is available. This year it is possible that a group of volunteers can make arrangements to take on a project at a different time other than our scheduled times.

Become a Work Project Leader:  Each of our work weekends have a set project list in advance of the weekend. A project leader will review the list of projects, identify one or several projects for which they would like to provide leadership and then recruit a team of volunteers to work with them on the projects at camp. Project Leaders will be awarded a special gift upon completion of the work weekend.

Just want to attend and help out, sign up for a work weekend and we will assign you to a team when you get there.

Some work weekends have days set for Packs, Troops, Crews or Posts to attend and work together on projects. Usually, buildings or campsites are provided at no charge for those helping. Contact the volunteer contact for the work weekend for more information about reserving a building.


Spring Woodchuck Day                      April 29, 2017

Download: Spring Woodchuck Day Brochure (PDF)


Pre-Spring Skills                             May 12-14, 2017                                                        

Spring Skills                                    May 19-21, 2017

At Spring Skills Weekend we prepare Camp for summer occupancy by turning on water and electrical systems. The main objective of this weekend is to prepare for Beaver Weekend.

Beaver Weekend                             June 2-4, 2017

On Beaver Weekend the Camp is prepared in anticipation of the Scouts arrival. Tents are set up and a large list of maintenance items addressed.

Fall Skills                                          October 6-8, 2017

At Fall Skills Weekend we prepare the Camp for winter by shutting down water systems, doing inventory and inspecting the property to formulate our future needs.

Download: 2017 - Massawepie Scout Camps Work Weekend Information (PDF)

J. Warren Cutler Scout Reservation

Spring Engineers                             April 8, 2017

The main objective of Spring Engineers is to prepare the Camp for Red Deer Weekend. Projects and materials are placed in sites and building projects are started.

Download: Spring Engineers Brochure (PDF)

Red Deer Weekend                         May 5-7, 2017

On Red Deer Day, Cutler is prepared for the Cub Scouts’ arrival. Tents are put up, program areas set up and a large list of maintenance items addressed.

Download: Red Deer Weekend Brochure (PDF) 

Red Deer Family Day                         May 7, 2017

This is the day that the scouts and their families come to Camp and help to prepare Camp for the summer. We will have projects for all ages; fun and fellowship will be had by all.

Fall Engineers                                  Oct. 21, 2017

At Fall Engineers the post camp inspection will be done along with shutting down systems for winter. Efforts will be made to evaluate the current list and prioritize.


Spring Raccoon                               April 22, 2017

We prepare for spring occupancy by turning on water and conducting Spring clean up

More Information:  Spring Raccoon Day

Raccoon Weekend                           June 16-18, 2017

On Raccoon days the Camp is prepared in anticipation of the Scouts arrival. Tents are set up and a large list of maintenance items addressed.  Units are encouraged to camp for the weekend and help with Camp projects.

Download: Raccoon Weekend Registration (PDF)

Fall Raccoon                                    November 11, 2017

We prepare for winter by turning off the remaining water in Camp and placing items in winter storage locations

Sign up today and help ensure that all scouts have an enjoyable and safe summer.  For more information or to register, call (585) 261-0835 or e-mail .