About Camp Pioneer at Massawepie Scout Camps

Camp Pioneer is the traditional Boy Scout summer camp at Massawepie Scout Camps. Our superb staff provides many merit badge and various program opportunities for older scouts and venturers, as well as plenty of advancement opportunities for younger scouts though the TrailBlazer program for first year campers. Add a 3- or 6-day trek though the Adirondack wilderness with one of our highly-trained Voyager guides to your week at camp to extend your unit's adventure and explore the 2.5 million "forever wild" acres of the Adirondack Forest Preserve.

Camp Pioneer offers both patrol cooking and dining hall camping. The distinctive combination of a wilderness setting, friendly and experienced staff, state of the art facilities, and innovative programs makes Massawepie one of the crown jewels of Boy Scout camping.

Note: All individuals over the age of 18 attending summer camp must be a registered member of the Boy Scouts of America and have a valid Youth Protection Training certificate. For more information on this National Council mandate please visit: Camp Youth Protection and Registration Requirement

  • S1 - MSC - Boy Scout Summer 2018
    July 01, 2018 to July 07

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  • S2 - MSC - Boy Scout Summer 2018
    July 08, 2018 to July 14

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  • S3 - MSC - Boy Scout Summer 2018
    July 15, 2018 to July 21

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  • S4 - MSC - Boy Scout Summer 2018
    July 22, 2018 to July 28

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  • S5 - MSC - Boy Scout Summer 2018
    July 29, 2018 to August 04

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  • S6 - MSC - Boy Scout Summer 2018
    August 05, 2018 to August 11

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