Lighthouse District

Serving the towns of Clarkson, Greece, Hamlin, Ogden, Parma and Sweden.

2016 - Silver Journey to Excellence District

District Chair District Commissioner District Executive
District Leadership
vacant Charley Hannon David Cherry
  585-301-0384 585-241-8547


File Name Description
00.00.00_ATV Rider Course program Camp Babcock-Hovey_Fall 2017.pdf Download
00.00.00_Information - 65th MSC Pioneer Dining Hall Table Program.pdf Download
00.00.00_Information - MSC Bench Program.pdf Download
00.00.00_Information Seneca Waterways Council Cub Scout Activity Book.pdf Download
00.00.0000_Scout Swimming Nights in Brockport 2017.pdf Download
00.00.0000_Summer 2018 - Massawepie Outfitters.pdf Download
00.00.0000_Welcome to Scouting 2017 Scout Shop Flyer.pdf Download
011.11.2017 - BALOO Course - Fall.pdf Download
012.02.17_LH Merit Badge University .pdf Download
012.09.2017 - Tiger Theater and Stories in Shapes.pdf Download
1.14.2018 OA Banquet Form.pdf Download
1.19.2018_Okpik 2018 Brochure.pdf Download
1.20.2018 - Bear Super Science Roaring Laughter.pdf Download
1.20.2018 - Bear Super Science Roaring Laughter.pdf Download
1.26.18_LH_WinterKlondike.pdf Download
2.10.182018 - Webelos - AOL - Art Explosion.pdf Download
2.17.2018 - Whittling Chip and Bear Forensics.pdf Download
3.3.18_Scouting University March 3 2018.pdf Download
4.28.2018_Council Fishing Derby at J Warren Cutler Scout Reservation.pdf Download
5.12.2018_ Covered Wagon Derby - Spring Cubs in Camp.pdf Download
5.18.2018_LH Spring Rendezvous.pdf Download
6.08.18_Me and My Shadow June 8th.pdf Download
6.15.182018 - Philmont Contingent Application.pdf Download
7.01.2018_Summer 2018 - Trek Registration Form.pdf Download
7.1.18_CSAC 2018 info pkt.pdf Download
7.29.2017_Summer 2018 - Eagle Flight Application.pdf Download
8.02.2018_Summer 2018 - Girls Adventure Camp Registration.pdf Download
8.05.2018 - Cub Scout Resident Camp at Camp Babcock-Hovey - Registration Form.pdf Download
8.5.2018_Medieval Themed 2018 Cub Resident Camp.pdf Download