Eagle Flight at Camp Babcock-Hovey

Spend the week of July 2nd - July 8th, 2017 . . .

at Camp Babcock-Hovey working towards your Eagle Scout Rank!

Eagle Flight Week is for Scouts serious about progressing along their Trail-to-Eagle. Eagle Flight is not a typical BSA summer camp program. You will be engaged in merit badge and other programs all week. Over 50 adult volunteers with extensive merit badge and Scouting experience are available with camp staff to support the Scouts that attend. Each evening you will participate in programs that include an inspirational movie or talk, an ice cream social, a night hike, shooting sports or Scouting jeopardy. There will be some down time, but not much – did we say Eagle Flight was for serious Scouts? You will be very busy and have an excessive amount of fun!

Participants must be at least 14 years old and First Class by the first day of Eagle Flight Week. (Note: The program begins in February for Scouts preparing for their 90-day required Eagle Scout Merit Badges.)

Pre-Requisites Meetings 
Eagle Flight Week actually begins with monthly meetings in Rochester starting in February. In subsequent monthly meetings Scouts meet their assigned Troop Scoutmaster, select all merit badges and continue to meet their merit badge counselors. You cannot achieve the rank of Eagle with partials and this program helps you finish those as well. We ask that all the badge prerequisites be completed before arriving at camp with the appropriate evidence and the batch is completed while at camp. If not, it can be completed after camp. Eagle Flight staff are available any time and not just at camp.

During the week at camp, Scouts are divided into troops. A SPL, ASPL and patrol leaders are elected for each troop. They will run the troop during the week, along with adult leadership from experienced Eagle Scouts and Scouters.

Eagle Flight Week offers all required merit badges, as well as dozens of other choices. You may work on as many as time permits. Each Scout will completely fill each day with merit badge classes.

Once you decide which badges to take, obtain a current copy of each merit badge book. Be sure that you read the merit badge requirements and complete any pre-camp requirements. The list of pre-camp requirements is available for download from the Forms link on this page. You’ll need to bring evidence of completing all pre-camp requirements (a note from your Scoutmaster, reports, etc.)

If, for any reason, you don’t complete all the requirements for a badge during your week at camp, you will receive a partial for that badge.

Arrangements can be made for additional merit badges not listed in the camp program guide. If you have an interest in a specific badge and we have the counselor and/or resources available, we will work with you to try to meet your interest. Please talk to the program director prior to your arrival at camp.

Registration for Eagle Flight is a quick two-step process. Registration information is collected and paid for online. Additional information is required by the course on a paper form. This form should be completed with the appropriate parent / guardian signature and the unit leader recommendation and sent to the Scout Service Center. Both steps in the process must be completed in order to be considered registered. Initial deposits for Eagle Flight are accepted online. Additional payments can be made online or by making a payment with the Scout Service Center Customer Service Desk.

Eagle Flight:  Regular registration fee of $435 for the program if paid by May 1, 2017.  Late registration is $470 for payments made in full after May 1.

A $25 rebate will be provided to a family who's Scout attends a session of camp at a Seneca Waterways Council camp during the same year as their Eagle Flight attendance. Families must request the rebate using an online request form by August 15, 2017.

How to Register:

Download: 2017 – Eagle Flight Information Form and Online Registration Instructions (PDF)

You must register and place a deposit online through the council website, through the register link on this page AND send in the paper form as it contains additional information that is not recorded online. A $100 deposit is required at the time of registration online.

Additional payments can be made online or through the Scout Service Center or through your online account at the council website. Payments made at the Scout Service Center will be credited to your online account within five days.

Eagle Flight Registration Walkthrough Video – A quick video that walks through how to use the online registration system to register for the course.

For more information about Eagle Flight:   Eagle Flight Information Website

File Name Description
2017 - Eagle Flight Application Registration for Eagle Flight is first done online through www.senecawaterways.org/eagle-flight. Once online registration has been finished, please fill out this information form and deliver to the Scout Service Center. Download
Form: BSA Health and Medical Record Part A and B (B is two pages) should be completed by both Scouts and Adults attending a three day session of Cub Scout Adventure Camp. Part B should be signed by a healthcare provider if the Scout or Adult will have prescription or over the counter medications brought to camp. Part A, B and C should be completed by Scouts and Adults that are attending Boy Scout Resident Camp or Webelos week long session. Part C requires the signature of approval of a healthcare provider. Download
Form: Food Allergy and Religious Dietary Information Those Scouts or Adults with a food allergy or a religious dietary restriction should notify the camp two weeks prior to arrival so that we can make arrangements with you to have food available or space available for you to store food that you bring to camp. Please be sure to send this form at least two weeks prior to your arrival so that we can provide the best possible experience while at camp. Download
Form: Over the Counter Medication Distribution The over the counter medication distribution form should be completed by a health care provider so that over the counter medications that are stocked in the camp health lodge can be distributed to Scouts, following the orders of their health care provider, while the Scout is at camp. No over the counter medications can be distributed to Scouts or adults in camp without approval of the healthcare provider. Any over the counter medications brought to camp should be approved by the healtcare provider on Part B of the BSA Health and Medical Record. Download
Form: Pre Camp Swim Check Record Individuals can participate in pre-camp swim checks or arrange for swim checks with a qualified WSI instructor. The Instructor must follow the BSA testing procedure AND a copy of the individuals WSI certification must be attached in order for the camp to consider the swim check valid. The state of New York has guidelines on who can and can not classify swimmers and the certification is necessary to ensure that the guidelines are followed. Download