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Form from National BSA:   Annual Health and Medical Record

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2017 - CSAC Parent - Den - Pack Orientations.pdf Information about online orientations held to talk about Cub Scout Adventure Camp Download
2017 - Cub Scout Adventure Camp Parent Guide We encourage all families attending camp to take a quick look through the Parents Leader Guide. The guide serves as a quick orientation about the camp property, program and administration. A quick read will have families prepared for adventure. Download
2017 - Girls Adventure Camp Registration Registration form for Girls Adventure Camp Download
2017 - Pack Coordinated CSAC Registration Form This registration form should be used by a Cub Scout Pack by the Pack coordinator to reserve space at Cub Scout Adventure Camp. Because the Pack is using a coordinator to promote camp and assist with the administrative functions behind registration, these Packs receive a discounted camp fee. Packs that do not coordinate attendance, dens attending without a coordinator (all families sending payment direct to the Scout Service Center rather than working through the den leader) or individuals attending should use the Provisional Site Reservation form. We encourage all that attend camp to coordinate their attendance within their Pack or Den. Download
Council Camp Planning Guide - 2017 This is your one stop shop for summer adventures. All summer and spring camping programs at all three of our council camps can be found in this resource guide. This guide was mailed to families as part of the Scouting Quarterly in December 2016. If you missed it, this is your digitial guide to summer adventure. Download
Counselor in Training (CIT) Application Are you 14 years old and love summer camp? We have an opportunity for you. CITs at Cub Scout Adventure Camp attend at least two weeks of camp, one of which is a week of staff training. Based on the needs of the camp some CITs are invited to continue on beyone the initial two week commitment. Download
Cub Scout Adventure Camp FAQ Have questions? Take a look at some of the common questions and answers about Cub Scout Adventure Camp Download
Form: BSA Health and Medical Record Part A and B (B is two pages) should be completed by both Scouts and Adults attending a three day session of Cub Scout Adventure Camp. Part B should be signed by a healthcare provider if the Scout or Adult will have prescription or over the counter medications brought to camp. Part A, B and C should be completed by Scouts and Adults that are attending Webelos week long session. Part C requires the signature of approval of a healthcare provider. Download
Form: Camp Fee Adjustment Form Those attending camp in need of an adjustment to the online registrations that can not be processed online should submit the Camp Fee Adjustment Form to request adjustments. For Cub Scout Adventure Camp this form should be used to request early bird rate adjustments for Scouts that join Scouting in the spring. Download
Form: Food Allergy and Religious Dietary Information Those Scouts or Adults with a food allergy or a religious dietary restriction should notify the camp two weeks prior to arrival so that we can make arrangements with you to have food available or space available for you to store food that you bring to camp. Please be sure to send this form at least two weeks prior to your arrival so that we can provide the best possible experience while at camp. Download
Form: Over the Counter Medication Distribution The over the counter medication distribution form should be completed by a health care provider so that over the counter medications that are stocked in the camp health lodge can be distributed to Scouts, following the orders of their health care provider, while the Scout is at camp. No over the counter medications can be distributed to Scouts or adults in camp without approval of the healthcare provider. Any over the counter medications brought to camp should be approved by the healtcare provider on Part B of the BSA Health and Medical Record. Download
Form: Pre Camp Swim Check Record Individuals can participate in pre-camp swim checks or arrange for swim checks with a qualified WSI instructor. The Instructor must follow the BSA testing procedure AND a copy of the individuals WSI certification must be attached in order for the camp to consider the swim check valid. The state of New York has guidelines on who can and can not classify swimmers and the certification is necessary to ensure that the guidelines are followed. Download
Form: Summer Camp - Camper Release Verification If a Scout will be leaving camp before the conclusion of the camp session, this form will be requested of the individual picking up the Scout or leaving with the Scout from camp. The form is provided as a resources so that the family of the Scout leaving can complete the form in advance and present to the camp office on departure to speed up the departure process. Download
Map: Camp Cutler Property J. Warren Cutler Scout Reservation is an extensive property near Naples, New York. From the modern Cub Scout Adventure Camp area to rustic campsites and wide open fields and overlooks, the camp has a lot to offer for all ages. Download
Map: Cub Scout Adventure Camp Cub Scout Adventure Camp is the premier Cub Scout Camping destination in Western New York. The camp is modern and program areas are close together to keep Scouts always in the adventure. Download
Map: Driving Directions to J W Cutler Where do you turn to get to camp? There are a lot of routes to camp, all routes lead to adventure. Find out what the recommended directions are to get to camp. Download
Summer Camp Employment Application We want you! Lots of different opportunities to be a part of the CSAC Staff. Village staff, program staff, dining hall, rangers, administrative and trading post...we have it all. The first step on your journey is filling out this application and sending it to the Scout Service Center. We look forward to speaking with you about the adventures to be found at camp! Download
Village Descriptions Find out more information about the villages at camp Download