Cub Scout Adventure Camp

Cub Scout Adventure Camp (CSAC)
at J. Warren Cutler Scout Reservation

The Adventure takes place at the J. Warren Cutler Scout Reservation located near Naples, New York in the beautiful Bristol Hills. Cub Scouts live in one of five themed villages for three days and two nights. While there they participate in camp wide activities such as boating and fishing, swimming, nature, archery, and shooting sports as well as themed village programs.

Cub Scout Adventure Camp

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Cub Scout Adventure Camp Sessions

Cub Adventure Camp is scheduled with our parents in mind. It’s difficult to take time off
from work to attend camp with your Scout during the summer but most will agree it’s worth
it. Our schedule is family and work friendly.

Camp is fun when you attend as a Parent & Scout pair but it’s MUCH more fun when you
attend as a Den or as a Pack. If your Pack or Den is attending as a group sign up together, if not, sign up on your own. Cub Scouts go camping in the summer, don’t miss out on the fun this summer.

Regular Sessions Schedule

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday Sessions
Session 3 - July 9 - July 11 
Session 5 - July 16 - July 18
Session 7 - July 23 - July 25
Session 9 - July 30 - August 1
Thursday, Friday, Saturday Sessions
Session 2 - July 6 - July 8
Session 4 - July 13 - July 15
Session 6 - July 20 - July 22
Session 8 - July 27 - July 29
Girls Adventure Camp - August 3 - August 5

Parent-Friendly Sessions
Session 1 - July 1 - July 3 (Saturday - Monday)

Cub Scout Adventure Camp Villages

The Medieval Castle : Designed for Tigers but open to all ages

Designed for new tiger scouts entering the first grade in September you will walk over a drawbridge and back into medieval times. As a squire, you will get to create your own tunic that adorns your coat of arms. You’ll need your tunic in order to participate in the royal Tournament. There you will test your strength, courage, and teamwork skills by designing your own Tiger Knight obstacle course. You can also learn about the world around you as a Tiger in the wild

High Seas Pirate Ships : Designed for Wolves but open to all ages

Ahoy mates and welcome to the High Seas! Grab your fishing pole and your bathing suit because you are going on an adventure with your captain and first mate. Designed for wolves who are entering the second grade in September. You will battle each other from ship to ship in a sponge war, use a map and compass to find your missing treasure, and enjoy the pirate-themed fun all season long.

The Native American Village : Designed for Bears but open to all ages

Welcome to life before the settlers came to America. With a longhouse and a totem pole, you will feel as though you have stepped back in time. Designed for bear scouts entering the third grade. With a longhouse and a totem pole, you will feel as though you have stepped back in time. While in this village you will create different crafts, such as dream catchers and choker necklaces. You will also learn about the beliefs behind the crafts. A game of lacrosse will sharpen your Native American skills and you will leave with a new appreciation of the Native American culture. 

The Pioneer Fort : Designed for Webelos but open to all ages

Howdy partner! Get ready for life in the 1800’s when you step inside Fort Radcliff to meet your sheriff. Designed for Webelos entering the fourth grade in September, you will spend your days as a settler, learning how to cook in a Dutch oven, hiking throughout the camp and making your own homemade ice cream. You will also sharpen your aquatics skills and learn about the plants and animals in the world around us.

The Mountain Man Brigade : Designed for Arrow of Light Scouts but open to all ages

Welcome to the rugged life on the frontier. Learn about and try building your own campsite improvement with the other seven people in your brigade. Designed for Arrow of light scouts entering the fifth grade in September you will sharpen your fire building skills because you will be cooking your own dinner over a fire you have created! And don't forget about our awesome Camp Cutler Mud Run. To round out this adventure you will learn all about the amazing programs and adventures that await you as a boy scout.