Let’s Go Camping!

Sunlight touches the peak of a nearby mountain, then slowly wanders down to the valleys below. The cool air is filled with the smells of pine and hemlock, soon to be mixed with the aroma of a hearty breakfast! A paddle across the lake… and another day begins in the great outdoors! Say “Scouting”, and to many you also say “camping”… the backcountry… wood smoke from a campfire… backpacks… tents… mountain streams! It’s all there just waiting for those who belong to the Boy Scout of America. Lord Baden-Powell, the founder of Scouting, set up the first summer camp for boys in 1907 at Brownsea Island, England, to test his theories about Scouting for boys. Since that time, the Outdoor Program has been an important part of the Scouting program.

Position Name Telephone
Camping & Program Support / Assistant to the Director of Support Services Deborah Swift (585) 241-8545 Email
Camping Operations Director Don DeClerck (585) 374-5770 Email
Director of Support Services / Chief Program Officer Christopher Guarniere (585) 241-8570 Email