Camp Cards

$5 for $100+ in Value! Four one-time use tabs, and several all year long offers.

2017 vendors:

  • Mark's Pizzeria -- $3 off Lg
  • Monro Muffler -- $14.99 Oil Change
  • Dick's Sporting Goods -- $10 off a $50 purchase
  • Tom Wahl's -- BOGO Ground Steak
  • Moe's -- 10% off
  • Applebee's -- 10% off
  • Orbaker's Drive In -- BOGO Burger offer
  • Rochester Red Wings -- $1 Ticket
  • Rochester Rhino's Soccer -- $5-10 off ticket
  • Pizza Hut -- Free order of Bread Sticks with Large Purchase
  • Total Style -- $ off discounts

For a Scout, it can be the way to camp!

Camp Cards is a new program to help Scouts fund their way to any of the Council's summer or day camp programs in 2017. For $5, each camp card provides $100+ in value with coupon specials from area businesses offering Dining, fast food, Rhino discounts, recreation (bowling) and more. Sale ends May 31st. The program provides a benefit to the individual units and helps the Council in providing programs.

Units participating in the program can earn commissions up to 55% of the cards retail cost. The remaining will support the Council in order to help make improvements to the Council's three Camps. The sale begins February 1st and units will have until May 31st to close out their accounts.

The Camp cards are a great value for your customers also. The $3 off a Mark's Pizza alone should help you sell multiple cards to each customer. Ask them "How many times do you and your family order pizza each month (year)?" Offer to sell them that many pizza coupons. The same goes for the other offers, Oil Changes (Monro Muffler), Tom Wahl's BOGO, Dick's Sporting Goods, will save you twice the cost of the card itself, on the card. Customers can use the cards as a replacement for cash and their dollars will support scouting.

Units may choose from one of the three commission opportunities at the beginning of the sale.

  • 40% Commission: At the 40% commission rate ($2.00), units will be able to pick up the camp cards at the beginning of the sale and return any unsold cards (in re-sellable condition) no later than May 31st. The unit will be expected to pay in full for cards sold when cards are returned at the end of the sale.

  • 50% Commission: At the 50% commission rate ($2.50), units will be able to pick up the camp cards at the beginning of the sale. They will not be able to return any unsold cards and will be expected to pay for all cards by May 31st. The unit may continue to sell any remaining cards until the end of the year.

  • 55% Commission: At the 55% commission rate ($2.75), units will pay for all cards when they receive them. The unit may continue to sell all remaining Camp Cards in the unit’s possession until the end of the year and does not have to worry about the May 31st deadline.

The Value of Selling Camp Cards:

Participating in the Camp Card allows each Scout to directly fund their way to various Camp programs.



Sales Per Youth (in cards)

Twilight Day Camp $85 = 42 cards per youth to sell
Cub Scout Adventure Camp $220 = 100 cards per youth to sell
Cub Scout Resident Camp $220 = 110 cards per youth to sell
Camp Babcock Hovey $400 = 200 cards per youth to sell
Massawepie Scout Camp $400 = 200 cards per youth to sell
Adirondak Trek Program $400 = 200 cards per youth to sell
Explorer Criminal Justice Camp $150 = 75 cards per youth to sell


Note -- Program costs and sales per youth are not necessarily actual numbers; they are close approximations.

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Image shown is from 2016 card, 2017 card coming soon

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Council Program Director (acting) Chris Guarniere (585) 241-8570 Email