Black Creek District

Serving the towns of Chili, Gates, Rush, Henrietta, Churchville, Wheatland, Scottsville & Riga.

2016 - Silver Journey to Excellence District

District Chair: Michael Knittel, 585-889-4484
District Commissioner: Kathy Hakes Elliott, 585-831-1358
District Executive: Gary Bogner, 315-506-8110

Roundtable is the second Wednesday of each month at our Council office, at 2320 Brighton-Henrietta Town Line Road, Rochester. You are welcome and encouraged to join us!

On your path to Eagle? Contact information for District Eagle Advisors follows:
Robert Capurso - 585-494-1749
John Norsen - 585-426-0609
Philip Roberts - 585-334-5319

Contact information for all Commissioners can be found here:
Kathy Elliott, 585-831-1358, Pack 134
Jim Gagnon, 585-594-8401, Crew 25
Dale Gagnon, 585-746-1416, Troop 327
Al Hellaby, 585-889-5725, Troop 53, Pack 140    
John Hellaby, 585-889-5725, Troop 140
Jeff Dick, 585-594-5371, Troop 133
Rob Keister, 585-690-0132, Pack 328, Troop 94
David Levesque, 585-764-6328, Pack 200
Hiram Lyon, 585-334-6894, Pack 350
Dean McDonough, 585-797-5630, Troop 134    
Peter Reeb, 585-429-0806, Pack 342, Pack 128, Troop 750
Dan Scurlock, 585-334-0148, Crew 7, Troop 7, Crew 1912
Jeremy Wyatt, 585-334-7878, Troop 122, Pack 122, Pack 217
Valerie Polachak, 585-694-2418, Boy Scout Roundtable
Andy Thompson, 585-530-0679, Cub Scout Roundtable

Contact information for all District Committee Members can be found here:
Peter Collinge, Member-at-Large, 585-334-4132
Rick Coloccia, Communications and Vice Chair, 585-259-3776
Jim Gagnon, Adult Recognition Chair, 585-330-9164
Al Hellaby, Scouting for Food, 585-889-5725
John Hellaby, Scouting for Food, 585-889-5725 
Kevin Hill, Klondike Derby, 585-733-1041
Mark Huber, Member-at-Large, 585-314-6516
Mike Knittel, Camping Promotions Chair, 585-889-4484 
Ted Miller, Nominating Committee Chair, 585-766-8082
Courtney Monohan, Pinewood Derby
Kelly Myers, Popcorn Kernel, 585-281-3013
Mike Panessa, Family FOS Chair, 585-329-2431
Bill Redman, Religious Emblems Coordinator
Peter Reeb, OA Chapter Adviser, 585-429-0806
Teresa Rudd, Training Chair, 585-319-0816

District Committee Vacancies include:
Membership/Recruiting Chair        
Leadership/Community FOS Chair
Calendar Ad Sales         
Activities Chair        
Merit Badge University        
Advancement Chair        

Still don’t know who to contact? General questions may be directed to:


All Black Creek District Award of Merit recipients are listed here.


Other documents, fliers, and handouts can be found below.

File Name Description
_District Award of Merit Recipients.pdf Listing of all Scouters recognized by Black Creek District with the District Award of Merit. Download
2017 Klondike Registration (003).pdf Unit registration form. Download
2017 Olympic Klondike.pdf Klondike information. Download
Annual Planning.pdf Annual planning presentation from the May 2016 roundtable. Download
hornaday_summary.ppt Presentation from roundtable summarizing the Hornaday awards. Download
Overcoming-Obstacles-to-Youth-Unit-Recruitment-BC-RT-10-14-15.pdf Summary of the roundtable presentation on overcoming obstacles to recruiting youth. Download
Quinzee instructions.pdf How to build a quinzee. Download
STEM-Nova-BSVS.pptx Presentation from roundtable summarizing the STEM and NOVA awards for boy scouts and venturers. Download
STEM-Nova-CS.pptx Presentation from roundtable summarizing the STEM and NOVA awards for cub scouts. Download