Sci-Tech Expedition Camp

July 30th – August 4th

Sci-Tech Expedition Camp is a great way for individuals to explore the Science and Technology fields and experiment with an immense variety of cutting-edge ideas. Camp Staff and a cadre of experts will lead participants in hands-on instruction and myth-buster style experiments in line with the BSA Nova Awards Program. Participants will gain experience in how science, technology, engineering and math applies to their everyday life and the world around them through hands on instruction, experiments, and challenges.

Highlights Include:

  • Guest speakers from the fields of science and technology
  • Trip to the Museum of the Earth
  • Trailer of Science
  • Triple-R Pirate Competition (Robots, Rockets and Recycling)
  • Build your own working robot
  • 3-D Printing

Program elements include completing the requirements for Sci-Tech related merit badges including Robotics, Astronomy, Space Exploration, and Weather. While also completing the requirements leading to BSA Nova Awards. Participants will be given individual challenges and join a team for group competitions leading to prizes along with access to the aquatics and shooting sports that Camp Babcock-Hovey has to offer. Participants camp in a tent campsite and will have prepared meals in the dining hall.

There is no better way to explore careers in science and technology then the Sci-Tech Experiment Expedition Camp.

Expedition Camps are for individuals seeking a focused program in one of the following areas. Open to CO-ED registration up to age 21, Babcock-Hovey Expedition Camps are designed to refine your skills, challenge your limits, and develop a deeper understanding of Scouting’s core values.

$400 for Expedition Programs

  • $50 DISCOUNT for Scouts already attending a 2017 Seneca Waterways Council Boy Scout Summer Camp
  • $50 DISCOUNT for Early Bird Registration Deposit by May 1st and Payment in Full by June 1st
  • Bring seven members and pay for the price of five. Must be registered in the same troop and register together.