Expedition Camps FAQs

What does Individual Registration Mean? Expedition Camps are intended for individual registrations, however multiple scouts from a unit are more than welcome to come together.  Scouts from around the council (and nation) are then placed into a ‘squad’ of 6-10 participants for the session which will have staff and adult supervision at all times provided by the camp.

Can I earn merit badges along with the Expedition Camp Program?  Yes. Most programs will cover the requirements for merit badges within that program area. The instruction is flexible so if you have specific merit badges you would like please let staff know prior to the start of the session.

Who can attend?  All Expedition Camps are CO-ED and anyone who is registered as a youth in scouting is eligible to attend one of the Babcock-Hovey Expedition Camps.  If you are not currently registered in one of Scouting’s Programs, let us know and we will help get you signed up before you arrive at camp (with exception of Cross Country Camp participants are not required to be a registered scout).  Note: If you have 12 and 13 yr old girls who are interested but not registered in scouting because of age requirements, please contact us (or check out the Cutler Girls Adventure Camp with more info to come.)

Is there an age limit? Ages 11-20 and being enrolled in a scouting program.  However, due to the intense nature of the programming we do recommend a certain level of scouting experience. For Shooting Sports: New York State requires youth to be age 12 to shoot Rifle and Shotgun, so for the Shooting Sports Master Camp we require them to be age 12 by the start of the program. Feel free to ask us if this program is right for you.
For Cross Country: Restricted to Youth entering 9th to 12th grade in the following year.

I am in the Venturing Program, can I attend? YES! We gladly welcome male and female Venturers who are ages 14-20. In fact – we offer a Venturing Ranger option so Venturers can sample each of these camps in one week.

What equipment do I need? Once enrolled, staff will provide a list of needed items tailored to the needs for each expedition. If you do not have these items, check with your unit and friends first, and then let us know and we will do our best to accommodate.

Does my scout get a discount for attending another week of summer camp?  Participants already enrolled through their troop for a week of camp in a Seneca Waterways Council Camp will receive a $50 discount on the registration fee.  Expedition Camp does not qualify for the Council discount for a second week of Boy Scout Summer Camp.

Can I apply for a campership to attend an Expedition Camp?  YES! these programs are eligible for camperships, with the exception of Exploring First Responder Camp.

Additional questions: Just Ask… camping@senecawaterways.org or 585-244-4210