2017 FLCC Middle School STEaM Camp

Join the Exploring experience with this unique 4-day, day camp. FLCC opens their Victor Campus to 25 Middle School students to work on hands-on STEaM activities with their professors. What is STEaM? It’s Science, Technology, Engineering, arts and Math. Students will spend 9-4 digging into activities and learning all that STEaM has to offer, while enjoying some time on FLCC’s campus.

Students will:

Learn about building design & architecture using software

Have fun solving math puzzles

Learn about optics and light

Build a mini-catapult

Learn how to extract DNA

Learn about LabVIEW the software that was used to program Mars rovers

Experiment with Computer-Aided-Design and Manufacturing (CAD/CAM)

Work on a project involving ecology

Learn about careers in biotechnology

Have fun preparing your lunch and learn about nutrition at the same time


For more information, contact Case Hamilton  (585) 241-8542.