Eagle Flight - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (2018)

Merit Badges

Q) When can I make my merit badge selections?

R) Using the registration system a link will show up in the March – April 2018 time frame allowing you to select Merit Badges.

Q) How many merit badges may I select?

R) You must select 12 – 14 merit badges in the order of your personal preference.

Q) What if I do not need or desire to select 12 – 14 merit badges?

R) All participants must have a full schedule each day. The EAGLE FLIGHT staff will select additional MBs to fill your day.

Q) How do I get my selections to you?

R) You will access a link in fill in a form. Late registrations can submit requests by email. Early requests are ignored.

Q) Can I add or drop merit badges when I arrive?

R) No, our scheduling cannot accommodate changes upon arrival

Q) If I already have a partial for a MB may I finish it at EAGLE FLIGHT?

R) Yes, please e-mail the EAGLE FLIGHT counselor for that badge them know of your intentions. Please do NOT include a partial merit badge as one of your top 12 – 14 requests. Partials are handled outside of the scheduled merit badge sessions.

Q) Will I get all 12 – 14 badges I select?

R) No. Our priority is to fill your top merit badge requests first. Please select the Eagle Scout required badges you want as your top priority. Additional badges are filled by priority to complete your schedule. Most Scouts get their top 7 to 9 choices but it’s possible based on the badges you selected you may not have time in your schedule to get choices 6 or 7 or 8. That means choices 8 – 14 may be put into your schedule to complete your schedule.

Q) How do I avoid getting scheduled for a merit badge I already have?

R) This is perhaps the most often asked question we get. On the merit badge selection form it clearly states how to indicate which merit badges you already have. Once we know that we will not schedule you for that badge at camp.

Q) Yes but things happen and my merit badge selection may still be wrong when I get to camp, what happens then?

R) The worst things happen when a request starts with “Yes, but”?

Our first priority is to make the schedule work for you and not you work for the schedule. What we mean by that is that the EAGLE FLIGHT merit badge schedule is driven by demand and not by a predefined schedule like most summer camps. If you ask for something and then change your mind you are impacting everyone else’s possible schedule. So to minimize your individual schedule issues first select only merit badges that are not already part of your current merit badge program or planned to be completed at the troop level before camp.

Please do NOT double book and use EAGLE FLIGHT as a backup plan to complete badges already scheduled or in progress outside of EAGLE FLIGHT.

Second, do not sign up for a badge that you already have a partial. We handle that in a different way during non-merit badge session time.

Third, don’t pick your badges too early in the year. The merit badge selection is due in May. All selection turned in by the due date are treated equally. Early arrivals are ignored.

Fourth, we already know using previous year’s statistics what badges will have the largest attendance. We simply need to know what you want and we need you to not change your mind at the last minute.

Fifth, we deliver final schedules to you in June to be sure you are prepared and complete your prerequisites before coming to camp. We try our best and nothing is better than being prepared. Regardless, many come unprepared and currently about 40% of the badge requests result in partials all because the prerequisites were not completed ahead of camp.

Q) How do we handle Blue Cards?

A) We give you blank Blue Cards during the Sunday joining activities. Your Scoutmaster is your Eagle Flight Scoutmaster and they sign off on your blues cards. You get the cards back during the Saturday awards ceremony.

Arrival and Departure

Q) Once again, what are the dates of EAGLE FLIGHT 2018?

R) July 29 through August 4, 2018, Sunday through Saturday

Q) What are the arrival and departure times?

R) Arrive between 12:00 pm and 12:30 pm on July 29, 2018. Those with last names beginning with N through Z please arrive at 12:00 and those with names beginning with A through M arrive at 12:30. This simply avoids a single rush.

R) Arrive by 9:30 am on August 4, 2018 for the Closing Awards Ceremony and leave when the Ceremony is complete.

Q) Can Scout drive himself to and from EAGLE FLIGHT?

R) No, all EAGLE FLIGHT Scouts must be transported to and from EAGLE FLIGHT by an adult of at least 21 years of age

Q) Is there a check-in and checkout process I must follow?

R) Yes, you must check-in at the arrival table to be admitted.

R) Yes, you must checkout at the departure site prior to leaving.

Q) The check-in process. Tell me more?

R) At check-in your file will be checked for completeness including medical forms, permission forms, etc. All missing forms must be obtained before you are admitted to EAGLE FLIGHT.

Q) Is there more to the check-in process?

R) Yes, all medications will be collected, secured and given to your Scoutmaster for distribution per your Medication Permission Form. Be sure if you have medications for camp that your Parent or qualified Adult can explain your medication quantities and frequencies to the Scoutmaster and camp Nurse and answer any questions they may have.

Q) What about over the counter medications?

R) There is a separate form for those, fill it out and bring the form and medications to camp as well. The camp makes no guarantee they have those medications on hand.

Q) I suppose there is more?

R) Yes, leave most of your electronics with your driver. The camp allows cell phone use and you may use your phone for merit badge research. Your cell phone use at camp is monitored and a Scoutmaster, Merit Badge Counselor or any camp staff member may confiscate the cell phone, at their sole discretion, should it interfere with your participation in the program.

Q) Do I get anything upon arrival?

R) Yes, big smiles from the staff as well as a bag that contains your Class B shirts and other awesome EAGLE FLIGHT items.

Campsite and Troop Assignments

Q) When will I know my Troop assignment and campsite?

R) You will be notified of your Scoutmaster soon after registration is confirmed but no sooner than March after we confirm the Scoutmaster attendance for camp.

Q) Can my camp gear be dropped off at the troop site?

R) No, you will pack you gear into and out of the campsite from the parking lot. We will have camp staff transport to help move gear to the sites. Parent and Scout cars are not allowed on the roads in camp during a camp session.

Q) Are Parents allowed to visit the Troop site during registration?

R) Yes, and they should leave soon after as the program starts as soon as the Scout arrives at the Troop site.

Q) Can I pick my Troop? Camp with others from my home Troop?

R) No, part of the EAGLE FLIGHT week experience is to meet other Scouts. Come on, you’re on your way to being an Eagle! Meet other Eagle candidates.

Q) How well will I get to know my Troop members?

R) Very well and quickly too. Each Scoutmaster has email contact with the Scouts before camp to help them prepare and for them to learn a bit about the Troop’s culture. The first day at camp there is intra-Troop activities so all Scouts get to know each other well. Good times during down times also.

Q) Should I bring a tent or other campsite items?

R) No, you will be using existing Camp facilities. Please bring all the normal summer camp items on the Council Babcock-Hovey Camp packing list.

Q) Will there be a lot of walking during the day?

R) Same as summer camp. Bring closed toe footwear.

Q) What will be the structure of the Troop?

R) Two adult Scoutmasters and one or two JASMs. The Troop will elect an SPL and patrol leaders as decided by the Troop.

Q) Will there be Patrol Cooking?

R) No, all meals will be at the Dining Hall. Those taking the Cooking merit badge will do some cooking for themselves and possibly during one or two meals.

Q) Will the program accommodate handicapped Scouts?

R) Yes, please let us know your situation.

Q) Can I go back to the camp troop site during the day?

R) All Scouts have scheduled activities during the day through lights out. There is very little “down time’ and Scouts are not allowed in their Troop sites when scheduled to be someplace else. There is program time scheduled at the Troop site.

Q) Can parents visit during the week?

R) Of course, visits are allowed but should not interfere with the program. We do not reveal the non-merit badge program to Scouts ahead of time keeping them on their toes and making it more fun. If Parents want to visit there are very opportune times during the week. Parents should ask the EAGLE FLIGHT Camp director during registration for those best times. Regardless, Parents are welcome at any time during the camp week after 8:30 am and before 9:00 pm.

Personal Gear and Stuff

Q) What gear shall I pack for EAGLE FLIGHT camp?

R) Gear needs were 2nd and 1st class requirements! Pack wisely. Bring what is listed on the Babcock-Hovey summer camp list.

R) Notes to self –

it rains at Camp (rainwear)
it can get cool at Camp (light jacket)
a shower is mandatory at Camp (soap & towel)
it can get very sunny at Camp (sunscreen)
A few bugs have been found at Camp (repellent)
Water sports are available at Camp (swim suit)

Q) Any special gear requirements?

R) Plan ahead and prepare – the 1st Leave No Trace guideline! Bring a daypack, cup, plate, 2 water bottles and utensils.

Q) Will I need anything for the merit badge classes?

R) Yes, a 3-ring binder or binders to hold your merit badge worksheets that are prepared before camp with the prerequisites filled in as described on the worksheet.

R) Pens, pencil and paper

R) Be sure to ask this question of each of your MB counselors.

Q) Let’s talk money. Will I need any?

R) Yes, the trading post is open during camp week, candy, slurppies, soda, etc.

R) Bring what $ you would for summer camp.

Q) Am I going to get bored in the evening? Bring a book?

R) Doubtful. We have fun activities planned for each evening!


Dress Code

Q) What is the dress code during camp week?

R) Our dress philosophy is a complete BSA Class A uniform head to toe, hat to socks and belt, for Flags, breakfast and dinner. We are preparing you to have all the appropriate attire for your Eagle Scout board of review. Knowing that some Scouts are a couple years away from their board of review we require a minimum of the Class A shirt, dark pants or shorts, appropriate socks etc. Eagle Flight supplies a troop hat that is expected to be worn as part of the Class A and B uniform. All troop members must be uniform and your Scoutmasters will discuss that with you accordingly.

R) Eagle Flight provides a hat, bolo and name tag when you arrive. The hat, bolo and name tag become part of your Class A uniform.

R) Bring your class A uniform you wear at your home Troop. Green or dark pants and shorts if you do not have Scout pants are appropriate. No plaid pants!

R) Sport shorts for activities are fine, again no plaid shorts.

Q) What is meant by the Class B uniform?

R) Eagle Flight provides two Eagle Flight Class B t-shirts when you arrive. The Class B t-shirt is your Class B uniform with the appropriate pants or shorts. No plaid shorts or pants.

Q) Can I buy more Class B t-shirts?

R) Yes they are available for purchase while registering and at the camp trading post for $10.


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