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2015 - Falls Cubs In Camp
Advancement - Boy Scouts
Unit Advancement Report
Worksheet For Building A Merit Badge Counselor List
Advancement - Cub Scouts
Cub Scout Advancement Resources & Forms (national)
Cub Scout Den Recognition Report
Cub Scout Den Record
Unit Advancement Report
Advancement - Venturing
Quartermaster Award Application
Summit Award Workbook
Venturing Leadership Award Recommendation
Awards - Adult Volunteers
2015-2016 Silver Beaver Nomination Form
District Award Of Merit Nomination
Babcock-Hovey Boy Scout Camp
2014 B-H Merit Badges And Daily Schedule
2015 - Summer Camp Family Guide
2015 Babcock-Hovey Leaders' Guide
2015 Boy Scout Summer Camp Brochure
2015 Camp Babcock-Hovey Summer Camp Reservation Form
2015 Camp Work Weekends
2016 Summer Camp Employment Application
Annual Health And Medical Record
B-H Permission To Shoot Form
Babcock-Hovey Camp Map
Babcock-Hovey Dietary Needs Form
Babcock-Hovey Driving Directions
Babcock-Hovey Hovey's Best (Honor Troop Award)
Babcock-Hovey Personal Needs Checklist
Babcock-Hovey Scoutmaster's Challenge
Campsite Visitation Report
CIT Application
Medication Permission Form
Scoutmaster Pre Camp Checklist
B-H Campmaster Application
B-H Campmaster Manual Part1
B-H Campmaster Manual Part2
B-H Campmaster Manual Part3
Commissioner Service
Administration Of Commissioner Service (Manual)
Commissioner Key/Arrowhead Honor Award For District Commissioner & Asst. District Commissioner
Commissioner Key/Arrowhead Honor Award For Roundtable/Huddle Commissioner
Commissioner Key/Arrowhead Honor Award For Unit Commissioner
Commissioner Worksheet (Pack)
Commissioner Worksheet (Troop)
Commissioner's Quarterly Worksheet - Crews
Commissioner's Quarterly Worksheet - Packs
Commissioner's Quarterly Worksheet - Troops
District Committee Key
Doctorate Of Commissioner Science Award Application (Knot)
Scouter's Training Award For Roundtable/Huddle Staff
Cub Scout Adventure Camp (Camp Cutler)
2015 - CSAC Family Guide
2015 - Summer Camp Family Guide
2015 CSAC Registration Form
2015 CSAC Roster Form
2015 Cub Scout Camping Brochure
2016 Summer Camp Employment Application
Annual Health And Medical Record
CIT Application
Cub Scout Adventure Camp FAQ
Dietary Needs Form
Map - Cub Scout Adventure Camp
Map- Cutler Property Map - Jim Whitcomb
Map_Driving Directions To J W Cutler
Medication Permission Form
Pre Camp Swim Test Record
Village Descriptions
Cub Scout Resident Camp (Babcock-Hovey)
2015 Cub Scout Camping Brochure
2015 Cub Scout Resident Camp Registration Form
Annual Health And Medical Record
Medication Permission Form
Eagle Scout Award Forms/Applications
2015 District Eagle Advisor List
2015 Eagle Flight Application
2015 Langie Scholarship Application
Duplicate Eagle Scout And NESA Credentials
Eagle Palm Application
Eagle Scout Applicant Recommendation Form
Eagle Scout Application Guidelines
Eagle Scout Biography
Eagle Scout Media Information
Eagle Scout Rank Application
Eagle Scout Reference Check Procedures
Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook
National Eagle Scout Association Scholarship Application
Florida Sea Base
Florida Sea Base 2014-15 Trip Flyer
Guidelines for Websites/Social Media
Council Website Guidelines
Social Media Guidelines
Unit Website Guidelines
Health and Safety
Guide To Safe Scouting
Incident Report Form - 2012
Informed Consent Agreement (Permission Slip)
Meeting Place Inspection Form
Motor Vehicle Checklist
Proof Of Sickness & Accident Insurance
Request For Religious Exemption From Immunizations - Adult And Youth
Request For Religious Exemption From Medical Care And Treatment - Adult And Youth
Scouting Safely
J. Warren Cutler - Camping
2015 Camp Work Weekends
Unit Roster
Unit Roster - Sample Form
Unit Summary Form For Campmasters
Unit Summary Form For Campmasters - Sample Form
Journey to Excellence
Journey To Excellence Program (Unit/District/Council)
Leave No Trace (LNT)
Teaching Leave No Trace
Massawepie Adirondack Trek Center
2014 Massawepie Adirondack Trek Leaders' Guide
2015 - Summer Camp Family Guide
2015 Massawepie Adirondack Trek Brochure
Annual Health And Medical Form
Medication Permission Form
Parent Permission Letter
Trek Health And Safety Guidelines
Trek Parent Equipment List
Trek Pre Camp Swim Test Record
Trek Prep Guide Table Of Contents
Trek Roster
Trek Wilderness Use Policy
Massawepie Scout Camps
2015 - Summer Camp Family Guide
2015 Merit Badge List
2016 Adult Roster Sheet
2016 Massawepie Registration Forms
2016 Massawepie Youth Roster(s)
2016 Summer Camp Employment Application
Annual Health And Medical Record
CIT Application
Dietary Needs Form
Driving Directions To Massawepie
Map - Camp Pioneer
Map - Driving Routes To Massawepie
Map - Massawepie Property And Trails
Medication Permission Form
Personal Equipment Checklist
Personal Needs Checklist
Swim Test Record And Ability Classification
Trailblazers At Massawepie Scout Camps
Troop Medication Record Sheet
Medical Forms
Annual Health And Medical Record (for Council Overnight Camps)
Annual Health And Medical Records (for National High Adventure Bases)
Medication Permission Form
Membership Applications
Adult Application
Adult Application (Spanish)
New Unit Application
Transfer Form (Youth And Adult) (Not For WEBELOS Crossover)
Youth Application
Youth Application (Spanish)
Merit Badge Counseling
Guide For Merit Badge Counselors
Merit Badge Counselor Application
Merit Badges - What's New
National Heroism Award - Youth & Adult
Lifesaving & Meritorious Action Award
National Youth Leader Training (NYLT) - Awards
NYLT Patch Progression Application
NYLT Presentation Plan
NYLT Teaching Level Award Application
NYLT Youth Leadership Award Application (Gold)
National Youth Leader Training (NYLT) - Participants
2015 NYLT Equipment List
2015 NYLT Information Letter
2015 NYLT Participant Application (Weekend Course)
2015 NYLT Participant Application (Weeklong Courses)
2015 NYLT Personal Resource Questionnaire
2015 NYLT Supplemental Info (Weekend Course)
2015 NYLT Supplemental Info (Weeklong Courses)
Annual Health And Medical Form
Medication Permission Form
National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) - Participants' Leaders
2015 Nominate A Scout For NYLT
2015 NYLT First Letter To Scoutmasters
2015 NYLT Scholarship Form
2015 NYLT Trifold Brochure
National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) - Staff
Annual Health And Medical Record
Medication Permission Form
NYLT Staff Agreement
NYLT Youth Staff Application
Order of the Arrow
Tschipey Achtu Lodge Page With Documents
Philmont Scout Ranch
Popcorn Sale
Popcorn Sale - Info & Forms
Program - Boy Scouts
50 Miler Award Application
Application For BSA Lifeguard
Geocaching @ Camp Babcock Hovey
Historic Trails Program/50-miler Award
Troop Meeting Plan
Troop Resource Survey
World Conservation Award Application
Program - Cub Scouts
Cub Scout Den Meeting Program
National Summertime Pack Award
Webelos Den Meeting Program
Program - General
Campfire Program Planner
Unit Money-Earning Permit Application
Religious Emblem Program
Religious Emblem Programs - Getting Started
Scouting Calendar & Program Planner
2015-16 SWC Program Planner Part 1 (w/Calendar Thru Aug. 2016)
2015-16 SWC Program Planner Part 2 (w/Calendar Starting Sept. 2016)
Scouting for Food and Clothing - SFFC
Vehicle Pick-up Sign
General STEM Information
STEM/NOVA For Cub Scouts
STEM/Nova Program For Boy Scouts
STEM/Nova Program For Venturer Scouts
SuperNova Award Counselor And Nova Mentor Qualifications
SuperNova Mentor Application
Tour Plan(s)
Canada Trip Permission Slip (Required)
Trainer Resources
I Would Like To Join A Training Staff
Training Awards & Progress Records
Cubmaster's Key
Den Leader Training Award
Scouter's Training Award - Boy Scouting
Scouter's Training Award - Cub Scouting
Scouter's Training Award - Sea Scouting
Scouter's Training Award - Venturing
Scoutmaster's Key
Sea Scout Skipper's Key
Venturing Advisor's Key
Troop Program Planning
Ceremonies (Troop Program Resources)
Founders Of The BSA (Troop Program Resources)
Games (Troop Program Resources)
Glossary Of Scouting Terms (Troop Program Resources)
Interfaith Worship Service (Troop Program Resources)
Pearls Of Wisdom (Quotes From Baden Powell)
Scoutmasters Minute(s) (Troop Program Resources)
Troop Program Features - Volume I (Aquatics To Engineering)
Troop Program Features - Volume II (Environment To Orienteering)
Troop Program Features - Volume III (Physocal Fitness To Winter Camping)
Troop Program Resources (Complete Volume)
Uniform Inspection Forms
Adult Leaders
Boy Scout/Varsity Scout
Insignia Guide
Tiger Cub/Wolf Cub/Bear Cub Scouts
Webelos Scout
Wood Badge
2016 Wood Badge Course Flier
2016 Wood Badge Registration Form
Youth Protection
Reporting Suspected Abuse - Procedure And Phone Numbers
Youth Protection - Frequently Asked Questions
Youth Protection Policy - BSA June 1, 2010