Popcorn Sales

The 2018 Fall Popcorn Sale is quickly approaching. Each year our sale raises more than $800,000 for local Scouting and ensures that we can continue to offer the highest quality programs for our youth (that’s a more than 70% return of the cost of the product to local Scouting, no other fundraiser comes close to that!). The Popcorn sale should play a large role in helping your families pay for the Scouting program in your unit and is a great opportunity to teach our Scouts about the importance of earning their own way in life. 

Key Popcorn Contacts
District Person Email
Baywaters Eric Tannous eritan4@gmail.com
Black Creek Angie Capps j3d2a1@gmail.com
Genesee Crossroads Don Lennox (interim) dlennox52@gmail.com
Lighthouse David Cherry (interim) David.Cherry@scouting.org
Mohawk Dawn Wright dwright@mwcsd.org
Seneca Kristen Davies kjkrentsa@yahoo.com
Towpath Tom Pinkham tpinkham4@gmail.com
Turning Point Joyce Akwaa Joyce.Akwaa@rcsdk12.org 
Exploring East Stu Schnettler (interim) stuart.schnettler@scouting.org
Exploring West John Sheible (interim) john.sheible@scouting.org
Council Popcorn Kernel Jon Ziehl jonziehl@gmail.com
Council Staff Advisor Michael Catalano michael.catalano@scouting.org
Popcorn Support Christine Crittenden Christine.crittenden@scouting.org
Director of Development TonyVogl Tony.Vogl@scouting.org

Our Four Council Popcorn Training Opportunities will orient Unit Popcorn Kernels and Committee Members on the 2018 Sale with a 1% Commission Bonus for your Unit.  Participants are welcome at any of the trainings offered. 

Popcorn Training Schedule 2018
Date Time Location Address
7/9/18 630PM Scout Service Center 2320 Brighton-Henrietta TL Rd, Rochester
7/18/18 630PM Zion Lutheran Church 18 Snell Road, Geneva
7/26/18 630PM John Knox Presbyterian Church 3233 W Ridge Rd., Greece
8/4/18 930AM Scout Service Center 2320 Brighton-Henrietta TL Rd, Rochester


Sunday, August 12 – 1:00-4:00pm – Council Popcorn & Membership Launch at Burgundy Basin -  1361 Marsh Rd., Pittsford
August 12
 – Take Order and On-Line Sale Begins
August 23 – Show and Sell Orders Due.  Please place orders carefully.
September 8 – Show and Sell Distribution (Saturday this year)
October 22 – Show and Sell returns deadline
October 30 – Popcorn Take Order and Prize Orders due in the system.
November 2 – Show and Sell Payments due
November 16 – Take Order Distribution
December 7 - Take Order payments due

Credit Card Reader Program

Learn more and sign up at www.payanywhere.com/bsaswc

Download the Pay Anywhere Guide



File Name Description  
2018 Unit Kickoff Presentation 2018 Unit Kickoff Presentation Template - Powerpoint Download
Individual Seller Popcorn Tally Sheet Individual Seller Popcorn Tally Sheet - Fillable PDF Download
Receipt Cards Receipt Cards - Fillable PDF Download
Unit Kernel Training Script Script for Unit Kernel Training 2018 - PDF Download
Table Question & Answers 2018 Table Questions and Answers - PDF Download
2018 Commitment Form_Fillable PDF Popcorn Unit Commitment Form_Fillable PDF 2018 Download
2018 Popcorn Leader's Guide Your go-to guidebook for the 2018 Popcorn Sale! Download
2018-Pay-Anywhere-Credit-Card-Reader-Program-Guide   Download
Campmasters Unit Order Demo (Forthcoming) Step by step instructions on how to place your unit order online. Download
Example Unit Popcorn Informational sheet (Forthcoming) Template popcorn informational one pager for all units to use. Download
Fund-Your-Adventure-Worksheet.xlsx (Forthcoming) Download
Level 1 Firestreak Rocket.jpg (Forthcoming) Download
Level 2 Monarch Rocket (Forthcoming) Download
Level 3 Fletcher Rocket.jpg (Forthcoming) Download
Popcorn Corporate Sale 2018 2018 Popcorn Corporate Sale Download
Popcorn Kick Off Invite 2018 Pop into the sale with the fun and motivating Popcorn Kick Off created and implemented by your District Popcorn Kernels. For RSVP instructions, please see the file! Download
Popcorn Order Form 2018 Popcorn Order Form 2018 Download
Popcorn Training Powerpoint 2018 This file is the powerpoint used during the 2018 Popcorn Training Cycle. The training instructed Unit Popcorn Kernels on sale basics, logistics, and best practices. Download
Popcorn-Why-Sell-Flyer A quick and easy explanation to all on why we sell popcorn! Download
Prize Rockets 2018   Download
Treat Our Troops to Popcorn 2018 Treat Our Troops A quick and easy way to support our military AND your Scouts, Treat Our Troops allows your family, friends, and coworkers to donate through the popcorn military donation program through a simple to navigate site (http://treatourtroops.kintera.org/). See the attached scripts you can post on social media and send through email, with a little adaptation from you! Download
What-size-vehicle   Download

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